Guidelines for Dialogue:  Here are some guidelines to help us all to explore faith in a constructive way. They are not meant to restrict us, but enable us to discuss things that may be very important to us and to others.

Inter Faith Week: Top tips for bringing Inter Faith Week into College with tried and tested ideas this November!

Valentine's Day Resource

 Find out how you can share the love of Jesus this Valentine's Day with these tried and tested ideas

Valentine's Day Questionnaire

 A fun and creative way to get students thinking - make sure you have Valentine's sweets/chocs and Gospels to give away!

Sep - Dec:
Packed with top tips on how to start the new year well and what to do up to Christmas - plus a sample term calendar! 

Inter Faith Week Labels: Get students engaging with Christianity by sticking these to goodies as part of a big 'giveaway'!

ALIVE Project Posters are a cost effective and eye-catching way to decorate an Inter Faith Week stall. The “Alive Project” is a set of six fantastic posters that’ll get students thinking about what the Bible claims.

Pancake Day Resource

Get fellow students thinking (and munching!) with these top ideas for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day Questionnaire

A fun and creative way to get students thinking - use alongside a 'Pancake Decorating Station' and have Gospels to give away!

April - July: 
Tips to help you all keep rooted in Jesus through exam season! 

Jan - March: 
Get plenty of ideas of what to do as a CU plus a sample term calendar!

A brilliant survey to help students asses how they are handling stress!

Keep rooted in Jesus' love and plan for you as a CU amidst exam season and point others to the Prince of Peace too!

Spread the word about your special CU meeting with our printable poster.