Film Review: Thor Ragnarok


It’s directed by Taika Waititi, who has made some gorgeous smaller budget films such as Hunt For The Wilder People, which is almost perfect and please go and watch it. The celebrity line up is as huge as you would expect - Chris Hemsworth who is very burly, Cate Blanchett who is very slinky and Tom Hiddleston who… dated Taylor Swift. 

What’s it like?
Fun fun fun fun repeat to fade. This is a Marvel film that knows that Marvel films are silly and loves itself anyway, confident in it’s own epic status. It’s a bit like ‘who gave the naughty kids all this money to make a comedy?’ But in a good way. 

Best bits: 
- All the slow mo because those moments are incredible and not overdone, and very snazzy.
- Every single moment of the eighties soundtrack because it’s totally hipster and totally doesn’t care. 

  • All the jokes
  • All the fights
  • All the capes
  • All the cameos
  • The bit at the end but I won’t tell you about that because of the spoilers. 

Good for the Soul: 4/5
Unless your soul hates to have a good time, which seems unlikely, this joke-fest will bless you UP.

Skill and Artistry: 4.5/5
Feels like a labour of love and it had a budget of a bazillion dollars, so the production values are excellent. Most of this film is like a feast for the eyes. Yummy. 
(I say most because a couple of CGI moments look a bit like he let his mum have a go.)

Are people cherished? 3.5/5
Honestly, Hollywood is never going to score great on this one. This film did really well by comparison to most of the others out there, but the objectification of Thor’s muscles let it down. People are not lust objects, so could someone please let the man stop flexing? And feed him a nice apple crumble? Also, the female characters were sadly two dimensional, clad in catsuits (can women only be strong if they are also completely hot and dressed in leather-lycra hybrids?) and suffer from barely any layers in their personalities. One is troubled/ feisty, one is evil. *sarcastic slow clap*

Should you watch this? 4/5
YES. It’s - typical Hollywood issues aside - very good. It’s not a film that’s got very obvious Jesus type meaning going on, in fact it’s not got a lot of meaning going on at all, but it will make you feel happy. Go get some happy. 



Fritha Washington

Fritha is a mum of two tiny humans, a wife to John and an enjoyer of pop culture. She has recently returned to the UK after working with YWAM in Ukraine, and has a lovely job helping young people access education and employment. She likes baking, crochet and crafts and she is maybe turning into an old woman.