13 Reasons why


Have you seen it yet? The compelling and heart-breaking story of Hannah Baker. 13 Reasons Why is THE show we’re all talking about.

So, let’s start with the obvious, Hannah isn’t real, her experience might be something you or someone you know has experienced but simply put, she’s not real. Her story isn’t your story. Her decisions, her life, is made up by an author and a screen writer and a few others. But they aren’t real.

Hannah’s story also doesn’t show the finality of her decisions, we still hear her voice, it’s not like she’s really gone. Outside of the show it is final, it is real, and it leaves behind a lot of pain.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide then PLEASE ask someone for help. There are some contacts at the bottom of the page.

Suicide is not the easy way out. It is what people do when they feel like they have no hope. Suicide leaves behind a lot of people who will be blaming themselves.

Nobody made that choice for her, nobody told her to do it, nobody else is to blame. Yes, people hurt her and didn’t listen. But that does not mean it is their fault that she chose to kill herself.

What Hannah does to her friends is awful, she blames them for making mistakes.

Clay had done nothing wrong, yet she made him feel guilty when all he did was care about her. We need to take responsibility for our own actions, how we treat people and how we ask for help.

There are many things Hannah Baker could have done but chose not to do. She could have asked for help from her parents or a teacher. She could have been honest with her friends about how she was struggling. Instead she pushed everyone away and blamed them for her final decision.

We can ALWAYS ask for help, and people do listen. The story shows one bad example of her asking for help. That’s it. What it needs to show is the great help that is out there.

13 Reasons Why tells a story of a broken young person who chose to make a very final decision without ever really asking for help. Hannah doesn’t know that it gets better. She didn’t get to see what life outside school would be like. She makes a decision that she can’t take back.

We don’t want that idea to be something that young people take from watching this show, we don’t want them to think suicide is ever an option.

Speak up before it’s too late. Please remember that someone else choosing to take their own life is never your fault. Look after yourselves, especially when it comes to what you are watching and we also want to tell you, it gets better.

Have hope. 

If you are thinking about suicide or concerned for a friend please go to https://www.papyrus-uk.org  for more advice and support.



Helen Cutteridge

Helen works for Youthscape supporting those who struggle with Self Harm and mental health issues . In her spare time she likes to read, knit and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix.