This will be the year I …........

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This will be the year I do my assignments straight away and not leave them to the last minute. 

This will be the year I eat salad at lunch rather than the daily slab of pizza 

This will be the year I make a revision diary. 

This will be the year that I really value and look after my friends 

This will be the year that I’m not going to be grumpy with my family after college 

Just because you don’t necessarily write these things down doesn’t mean they’re not running through your head as you think on your year to come. So much potential, so many plans. For me New Year has always really been September not January. 

But what about Jesus? What are your ‘Jesus plans’ this year? 

Jesus told his disciples in Matt 28:18-20 to go out and make more disciples (who will make disciples, who will make disciples……you get the idea). And then came you and I. We know Jesus because a disciple spoke the good news about Jesus to us. Our job now is to play our part in growing God’s kingdom, His family, by speaking to our friends and those around us about Him.  

It’s a bit mad when you think about it. We are part of something bigger – Gods almighty family that goes back centuries and now includes us.  

And God asks us to play our part. 

Where will you spend most of your time over the next few months? Who will you spend that time with? Think about those people. I’m guessing you’re picturing college with your friends and classmates. We are called by God to live lives that show who Jesus is, to speak into our friends lives and show them how much better Jesus is than the things they are putting in His place, and we are called to speak truth to them – the truths that Jesus lived the perfect life and died a perfect death to cover our sin and shame that we can be reconciled with God and be part of his family forever. 

BUT How? How do I make disciples? 

1 - Well you’ve made it this far so go and have a root around the Festive website to get some inspiration and get equipped, whether you want to start a Christian Union or start a conversation with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus we will have something that can help.  

2 - After you have done this, email and tell us your story (where are you going to college and how do you want to live for Jesus there). We will link you up with a ‘Student Support Worker’ who will email you throughout the year with advice and encouragement and most importantly will commit to praying for you. 

3 – Let’s ‘commission’ each other, send each other out to go and make disciples in our schools and colleges and workplaces. Lets pray right now

Father God, Thank you that you have saved us and brought us into your family. Please helps us to live for you this year at college, help us to have courage to speak of you, help us to live well so our friends will want to know you. Help us to pray for our friends more regularly. Father when we screw it up please forgive us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen 

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Karen Jones

Karen Jones works for Festive and is married with two children. She doesn’t have any hobbies because eating and chatting don’t count (apparently) so is open to any hobby suggestions to give her blog bio a bit more panache.