Difficult Questions



These films will help you in answering some of the big questions you may get asked as a Christian in college.

 These films have been produced by friends of Festive - ‘Reboot’ which is part of the RZIM Zacharias Trust.  For more videos or to find out about upcoming Reboot events check out  http://www.rebootglobal.org/

How do you reconcile the big bang theory and Genesis?

Why does God allow suffering?


How is war in the old testament any different from Isis today?’

Does evolution fit with Christian views?


Are Christians cheating when they don’t give an explanation for Gods existence?

Does God love you if you’re gay?

How can I trust the bible when written by men

Why do we struggle with depression

Why would a loving God allow us to go to hell?

What about other religions

What about the dinosaurs