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As an organisation, we are thankful for the local churches, staff and chaplains involved in FE Colleges and Sixth Forms. We work closely with them, support them and pray for their ministry.


Prayer and Advice

A huge part of our ministry is a commitment to prayer. We have an internal prayer network and also send out confidential prayer requests to our prayer supporters.  

If you would like prayer or advice for your situation or work, please get in touch!

Resources for Non-students

These resources have been designed to support student workers, chaplains, or anyone with a heart for Further Education.



Being a chaplain in a local college is stimulating and challenging, and a lot of fun!

The college may call on the chaplain when a student is distressed or if there is a death or other major life event, and chaplains are expected to run activities with a religious flavour as part of the life of the college. As a Christian chaplain I spend most of my time hanging out with students when they are not in class, befriending them and hearing what is going on in their lives. There are frequent opportunities to talk about eternal truths, and to offer to pray for someone. Often it is possible to support other Christians in the college by helping to run a CU and a Staff Prayer Group, and other groups as well.

Colleges are required by OFSTED to show how they are meeting the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural needs of their students (SMSC), but frequently lack the knowledge or the resources to do so and are open to offers of help from churches and other external bodies.
— Cathy Williams, Chaplain & Festive Staff Worker

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