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Ten creative and engaging ways to share the amazing Gospel at College!


Culture Vulture

Get hold of a calendar and aim to host outreach events on or around particular cultural days/weeks: Pancake day, Valentine’s Day, Inter-Faith Week, St Patrick’s Day… Throw a related party or host a fun event with games or performances and get someone for the CU to share their story of how and why they are a follower of Jesus. Use the How To Share Your Story resource to help you prepare to share how incredible Jesus is! Alternatively, invite a guest speaker in to talk a bit about the day you’re celebrating and to link it in with something of the great news about Jesus.

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Grill a Christian

This is an all-time classic. You invite a couple of local Christian pastors/vicars or youth workers into college, who are good at answering questions about Christianity respectfully and truthfully! One or two CU members join them on a panel to provide the student voice. You advertise the event around college & let people know they can ask absolutely any question they like about Christianity. For an alternative Grill see the inter-faith week resource.



Hot Potato

Every half-term, host a lunchtime (ish) talk on a big question (Hot Potato) that people have about Christianity. Get a gifted speaker to give a short talk followed by a Q & A. You can order some flyers from Festive for free and print off your own event details on the back. Why not see if you can get permission for a local church to bring in some jacket potatoes to give-away for the event?

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Christian Awareness Week

Each day of CAW you invite a gifted speaker to give a 15-20 minute talk on an objection to Christianity. This is followed by a Q & A session, where students can ask the speaker whatever they like (preferably about the subject!) It’s called a Christianity Awareness Week – because the aim is to help students to discover what Christianity is all about! Essentially, it’s a week’s worth of hot potatoes with some extra bonus-ball toppings!



Seasonal Sizzlers

Christmas and Easter are on everyone’s calendars! As Christian celebrations, they’re a brilliant opportunity to help people discover what Christianity is all about. From Gospel giveaways, to more high-profile events, check out Festive’s 10 Christmas Ideas and Easter Outreach Ideas

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Questionnaire are a great way to find out what other students believe and to share your beliefs. It’s nerve-racking at first, but once you pop you just can’t stop! There are loads of different questionnaires you can use for different times of the year. They can take from 2mins upwards.



Bring on the Wall!

Get permission to run a stall for a week in a prominent place in the college: reception, canteen, etc. You get some cakes, sweets, gospels, tracts and a giant piece of paper. You write out in large letters a question that you want students to answer. You then invite students and staff to write out their questions or answers (depending on what you’re asking!) on post-its and to stick them on to the paper. You then chat with them about what they’ve written. You can run ”Bring on the Wall”! Stalls at loads of different times of the year.

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Acoustic Set and Cocktail Bar

Run an Acoustic Event in your college during a free period. Invite a local Christian who is a really good singer/songwriter (make sure they are good!!!) to come and do a set of songs and share something about how great Jesus is. During the event, give away delicious, non-alcoholic (courtesy of that beautiful red syrup – grenadine!) free cocktails.



Arty Farty

Get the CU together and chat about the talents and gifts God’s given you. Are there people in your CU who are musical, or who are great at dancing, or keep-me-ups, or just have some very wacky talents? Why not put on an event where you invite your mates along to watch these gifts displayed in all their glory and have someone share their testimony?

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Inquirers Course

Inquirers’ Courses are a fantastic way of helping your friends to discover who Jesus is and what an impact He could have in their lives. It doesn’t matter how big or small your CU is, there are loads of courses you could use. Invite friends to come along to a course during a free period, where they can think through the claims of Christianity and ask their questions.


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