Stressed Resources



Stressed Resources

Everyone gets stressed, particularly when it comes to coursework deadlines and exams! Here’s a bunch of resources, aimed at helping you and your friends to destress, by going to the Burden Carrier – Jesus! They can be used for one-off CU sessions, or as a series as explained below.

Workload Stress Ideas: Check out these ideas to help you stay rooted in Jesus amidst exam season and be equipped to point friends to Him too!


Stress Questionnaire: A fab questionnaire to run at College helping students evaluate their stress levels. Give away chocs and stressed tracts alongside!

Stress Tips: Give these away with the filled in questionnaires with a Stressed tract. Brill.

Stress Tract: Help point friends and students to Jesus with this flyer tract. Great to give away at events or over a CU stall. Room on the back to put details or an event! Totally free!

Stress Poster: Advertise an event by entering your own details!


How to share Jesus when people are stressed! A Bible Study equipping you to love and point stressed out mates to Jesus!

Daniel and workload Stress: Remain rooted as you find help from God's word in the middle of exam season!

Workload Stress - Gems from Jesus: He's the ultimate Burden Carrier - spend time with Him as you make your way through this study.