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Prayer is vital to everything we do at Festive and it is the most important thing you could do for us and with us!  
We receive many prayer requests from students and chaplains who are seeking God’s help where they are. To receive regular prayer requests from ‘the ground’ and for the ministry of Festive, please email us using address below.  We send our prayer requests by email or by snail mail! 
You could also sign up for Festive News which includes answers to prayer, interviews and outreach updates.



Could you use your gifts to support students, help with administration or represent Festive at a conference? 
As a Church, could you commit to praying for your local College/Sixth Form? Are there ways you could serve that College or reach it?  
We would love you to get in touch with us.



Festive's work is growing! We would love for new churches and individuals to partner with us financially in our mission. 
Due to the limited budget available to most CU's, chaplains and students, we work hard to make all our resources and training available for free. If you would like to support our work by giving please click the button below and donate to us through our give.net account.