4. Christianity Awareness Week


A special week of events hosted by the CU that help students hear and find out more about the Gospel!

Each CAW is different. You could use a range of ideas across the week (interactive stalls, freebie giveaways, testimony event with music etc)

Here’s one way of doing it: Each day of CAW you invite a gifted speaker to give a 15-20 minute talk on an objection to Christianity. This is followed by a Q & A session, where students can ask the speaker whatever they like (preferably about the subject!) Essentially, it’s a week’s worth of hot potatoes with some extra bonus-ball toppings!

What you need

5 Catchy titles based on objections to the Christian faith; Are Christians arrogant? Doesn’t science disprove God? Isn’t Jesus a myth? Does God hate sex? Can you trust the Bible?
Guest speakers who’ll answer the questions in a biblical, engaging way and who are happy to be put on the spot to take questions. Ask at least 1 or 2 months in advance (maybe more if you can!) Contact Festive if you need help getting a speaker.
Snacks: Have some free snacks/sweets. (Can you get permission to have some homemade cakes from someone at Church?)
Written permission for the week to go ahead
Great Venue
Music Player/mini speakers

Bonus-ball toppings: a stall for the week; Questionnaires, Flyers, posters, Christian literature to give away (contact info@festive.org.uk)

Room set-up

Relaxed: Give the room a relaxed café feel. Put the chairs and tables back afterwards!
Chilled music: playing as people arrive – it helps with the atmosphere!
Food: As people arrive, give them some food!
Welcome: Get a couple of CU members to hang around by the door to welcome people.
Table: Have a table near the exit with free gospels and tracts for people to take away.

Tips for the MC

Host: Decide beforehand who is going to MC/host the event.
Start: Once it’s time to start, welcome people; let them know it’s a CU event; that there will be a short talk on the catchy title you’ve chosen; followed by a time to ask questions
Introduce the speaker: After the talk, thank the speaker and announce that there will be a couple of minutes to chat to each other, before a time to fire their questions to the speaker.
End: After the Q & A, thank people for coming, let them know about the free gospels/tracts and invite them to any future events or to CU!