3. Hot Potatoes


Every half-term, host a lunchtime (ish) talk on a big question (Hot Potato) that people have about Christianity.

Get a gifted speaker to give a short talk followed by a Q & A.

You can order some flyers from Festive for free and print off your own event details on the back.

Why not see if you can get permission for a local church to bring in some jacket potatoes to give-away for the event?

What you need

Catchy Title: Based on an objection to the Christian faith: Are Christians arrogant? Doesn’t Science disprove God? Isn’t Jesus a myth? Does God hate sex? Can you trust the Bible?
Speaker: Get someone who’ ll answer the question in a biblical, engaging way and who’s happy to be put on the spot to take questions. Ask at least 1 or 2 months in advance!
Jacket Potatoes: See if you can get permission for people in your church to bring in Jacket Potatoes (in foil to keep them hot) for your event. If not, have some free snacks.
Great venue!
Music Player/mini-speakers

Room set-up

Relaxed: Give the room a relaxed café feel. Put the chairs and tables back afterwards!
Chilled music: playing as people arrive – it helps with the atmosphere!
Food: As people arrive, give them some food!
Welcome: Get a couple of CU members to hang around by the door to welcome people.
Table: Have a table near the exit with free gospels and tracts for people to take away.

Tips for the MC

Host: Decide beforehand who is going to MC/host the event.
Start: Once it’s time to start, welcome people; let them know it’s a CU event; that there will be a short talk on the catchy title you’ve chosen; followed by a time to ask questions
Introduce the speaker: After the talk, thank the speaker and announce that there will be a couple of minutes to chat to each other, before a time to fire their questions to the speaker.
End: After the Q & A, thank people for coming, let them know about the free gospels/tracts and invite them to any future events or to CU!