8. Acoustic Set and Cocktail Bar


Run an acoustic event in your college during a free period. Invite a local Christian who is a really good singer/songwriter (make sure they are good!) to come and do a set of songs and share something about how great Jesus is. Alternatively – have a CU member share their testimony part way through. Use the ‘How to Share Your Story’ resource to help you.

During the event, give away delicious, non-alcoholic (courtesy of that beautiful red syrup – grenadine!) free cocktails.

What you need

Transparent plastic cups (otherwise you won’t see the sunrise!). Aim for fairly large cups
Cocktail Shakers x 2
Bendy straws and umbrellas
Cocktail cherries and lemon slices

Drinks (alcohol free): orange juice, apple juice, cranberry & raspberry juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice (from plastic lemon!), lemonade and ice!
Syrups: grenadine, cherry, green cocktail
Cloths or kitchen rolls in case of spills
Drinks Menu poster, with the various cocktails named and explained
Music player/mini speakers
Great venue
– pretty crucial really!

Room set-up

Relaxed: Give the room a relaxed café feel. Put the chairs and tables back afterwards!
Chilled Music: playing as people arrive – it helps with the atmosphere!
Food: As people arrive, give them some food!
Table: Have a table near the exit with free gospels and tracts for people to take away
Welcome: Get a couple of CU members to hang around by the door to welcome people
Bar: Grab a table and use it as a bar. Put up your Drinks Menu.
Barmen/maids: Get a least 2 people to do this! Get some outside help (with permission).

Music and talk

Musician: Get a really good singer/songwriter to come and do a set of songs on guitar, who is willing to share something about Jesus (maybe their testimony) during the songs.
PA: Check whether they need PA (if the event is in a classroom, they’ll probably be fine).

Tips for the MC

Host: Decide beforehand who is going to MC/host the event.
Start: Once it’s time to start, welcome people; let them know it’s a CU event; that there will be a short talk on the catchy title you’ve chosen; followed by a time to ask questions
Introduce the musician and handover to him/her
End: After the Q & A, thank people for coming, let them know about the free gospels/tracts and invite them to any future events or to CU!

Daniel McShee