9. Arty Farty


Get the CU together and chat about the talents and gifts God’s given you. Are there people in your CU who are musical, or who are great at dancing, or keep-me-ups, or just have some very wacky talents? Why not put on an event where you invite your mates along to watch these gifts displayed in all their glory and have someone share their testimony?

What about drama? Drama in particular was used loads in the Bible – just read prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel. They’d use weird things like belts, pots (even faeces – urgh!) as they acted
things out. Then they’d explain what God meant.

You can be as creative as you like – but always remember that you’re aim is to present Jesus through the incredible gift of art! Could you put on a cringe-free, gospel-centred drama or dance? Could you book a performing Artist to come into your college?

Check out the following two gospel centred dramas

The Mark Experiment
www.themarkdrama.com/ here’s what they say … You:
“present every incident of Mark’s Gospel vividly and powerfully to a group of invited guests, with a team of 15 actors from your church or Christian Union. It is an amazing experience for Christians, reminding them of the work of Jesus, and it’s also great for anyone investigating the Christian faith.”

Most CUs in colleges aren’t as big as 15 people, so how about asking a local church or a uni CU to come along and help? Maybe someone in your CU is studying Drama and would be happy to head this up?

Lifehouse Everything Sketch:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA – this is so powerful! After performing this, get someone to explain what’s gone wrong in the world and how God is going to put it right.

Two examples of cutting edge Performing Artists committed to sharing the gospel through their Art are

Street Lamp Theatre
Street Lamp Theatre are based in Manchester and would love to perform at your college (if you’re in the North West of England – sorry all Southerners!). Here’s what one critic has written:
‘the energy with which it was presented by the actresses meant that long time Christians, new Christians, and not yet Christian friends all kept with it and were all alike buzzing afterwards with different things that they got from it.’
For more info, visit: www.streetlamptheatre.blogspot.co.uk/

Rael James
Rael James is a gifted Performance Poet based in Liverpool. His poems are highly engaging and relate to young people in a powerful way. He has worked in Schools, Colleges and Universities around the country. To view his material, or to see if Rael is available to perform in your college.
Visit www.raeljamespoetry.co.uk

Daniel McShee