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Trending Resources


Workload Stress Ideas: Check out these ideas to help you stay rooted in Jesus amidst exam season and be equipped to point friends to Him too!

Beyond Beans on Toast: An evangelistic university survival manual packed with top tips, student recipes, budget advice and real life stories of students who went to University and met Jesus! Order a bundle for FREE and give as a gift from CU to non Christian friends!

10 Tried & Tested Outreach Ideas: Ten creative and engaging ways to share the Gospel at College!

Resources, UFGs and handouts to help your CU stay cool under pressure and reach out to others during exam season.

April - June: Tips to help you all keep rooted in Jesus through exam season! 



See how God is already at work in you, see his heart for where He's placed you and find out how you can bear 'fruit' where you study! An amazing course that will inspire, encourage and ignite your CU!