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A university survival manual packed with top tips, student recipes, budget advice and real life stories of students who went to University and met Jesus! Order a bundle for FREE and give away at College/Sixth Form! 

Workload Stress Ideas: Check out these ideas to help you stay rooted in Jesus amidst exam season and be equipped to point friends to Him too! 

Stress Questionnaire: A fab questionnaire to run at College helping students evaluate their stress levels. Give away chocs and stressed tracts alongside!

Daniel and workload Stress: Remain rooted as you find help from God's word in the middle of exam season!

Stress Poster: Advertise an event by entering your own details! 



See how God is already at work in you, see his heart for where He's placed you and find out how you can bear 'fruit' where you study! An amazing course that will inspire, encourage and ignite your CU!

Stress Tract: Help point friends and students to Jesus with this flyer tract. Great to give away at events or over a CU stall. Room on the back to put details or an event! Totally free!

Stress Tips: Give these away with the filled in questionnaires with a Stressed tract. Brill. 

Workload Stress - Gems from Jesus: He's the ultimate Burden Carrier - spend time with Him as you make your way through this study.

How to share Jesus when people are stressed! A Bible Study equipping you to love and point stressed out mates to Jesus!

APRIL TO JUNE: Packed with ideas to see you through exam/deadline season plus blank Term Planner for your CU

How do we deal with our divided hearts? We want our friends to know Jesus but we also want to blend in. Does He really want to use people like you? 4 Studies about the God who pursues us (and our friends!) with an undivided, relentless love.