1. Culture Vulture


Get hold of an academic diary and aim to host an outreach event on or around a particular day: Pancake day, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day…

Top tip: Check out the trending page for specific ideas for each day at the right time of year!

Host a fun event with games and get someone from the CU to share how and why they are a follower of Jesus. Use the ‘How To Share Your Story’ resource to help you prepare. Alternatively, invite a guest speaker in to talk a bit about the day you’re celebrating and to link it in with something of the great news about Jesus.

What you need

Food and drink that relates to the day you’re celebrating: Pancakes for Pancake Day; Guinness Cake (you can’t take the drink in!) for St Patrick’s Day; Chocolate for Valentine’s Day…
Games: Some crazy fun games or performances
Story: Someone willing to share their story!
Music Player/mini speakers
Permission for food, room, event etc.

Room Set up

Relaxed: Give the room a relaxed café feel. Put the chairs and tables back afterwards!
Chilled Music: playing as people arrive – it helps with the atmosphere.
Food: As people arrive, give them some food.
Welcome: Get a couple of CU members to hang around by the door to welcome people.
Table: Have a table near the exit with free gospels and tracts for people to take away.

Tips for the MC

Host: Decide beforehand who’s going to MC/Host the event.
Start: Once it’s time to start, welcome people; let them know it’s a CU event; that there will be a short talk on the catchy title you’ve chosen; followed by a time to ask questions.
Introduce the speaker: After the talk, thank the speaker and announce that there will be a couple of minutes to chat to each other, before a time to fire their questions to the speaker.
End After the Q & A: thank people for coming, let them know about the free gospels/tracts and invite them to any future events or to CU!