2. Grill a Christian


This is an all-time classic. Invite a couple of local Christian pastors/vicars/youth workers into college, who you know are good at answering questions about Christianity respectfully and truthfully.

One or two CU members join them on a panel to provide the student voice.
You advertise the event around college & let people know they can ask absolutely any question they like about Christianity.

Top tip: Email us to see if you can have some freebie books and Gospels for this event!

What you need

• Panel of people to be grilled
• Permission for outside speakers to come in
• Sweets/nibbles
• Gospels/tracts
• Hat or box with pieces of paper to write questions on
• Music player/mini speakers

The panel

People: Aim for 3 or 4 people (at least two church workers and one or two students)
Story: Ask one of the panel in advance to prepare (for 2mins max.) why they follow Jesus
Brief: Ask the panel to try and keep their answers below 1 minute as possible
One: As much as possible, it’s usually best to have one person answer each question
Disagreements on the panel: There will always be differences over a few less important issues. So ask each person to read through Festive’s what we believe so everyone is united around these core beliefs of Christians all over the world. It’ll help at the Grill!

Tips for the MC

A Good MC is: fair, a good timekeeper, and able to handle a discussion if it gets a bit heated.
Host: Decide beforehand who’s going to introduce and chair the Grill
Start: When it’s time, welcome people and explain what Grill-a-Christian is all about
Hands: Let people know that they need to raise their hands if they want to ask a question
Introduce: Ask each member of the panel to briefly introduce who they are
Story: Ask the nominated panel member to share why he/she follows Jesus
Questions: Then open it up for questions. If no one asks a question, then read one out from the box/hat. If people start to raise their hands don’t worry about the ones in the hat. Share the questions around the panel as much as possible
Dominate: Try not to let anyone dominate with questions
End: Keep an eye on the time; thank people for coming; mention the free gospels etc. to take away